The Shine Method

Our Signature Energetic Bodywork

Based on a thorough understanding of Universal truths, our unique Shine Method starts from a foundation of reflexology and Eastern meridian concepts; and continues with structural integration and deep tissue work; addressing internal and external body issues to bring your whole body into balance and energetic harmony.


Performed by our Master Therapist Only.

60 minutes...$150

90 minutes...$200

120 minutes...$240


Shine Reflexology

A foundation of our Shine Method, this therapy is based on the Chinese philosophy that vital organs are connected by energetic pathways to specific points in the soles of the feet. Extremely relaxing and therapeutic, Shine Reflexology will help a myriad of health issues including insomnia, sinus trouble, headaches, stress and environmental related illnesses.

30 minutes...$50    60 minutes...$90

Master Reflexologist

30 minutes...$70    60 minutes...$110


Shine Together

Two people, two therapists, one room! Our talented therapists will cater to you and your guest, creating the ultimate atmosphere of pampering. It’s a beautiful way to relax, escape, and revive…together.

60 minutes...$170

90 minutes...$250


Upgrade your experience! Enjoy 30 minutes additional room use, with a bottle of wine and a gourmet cheese plate...$50

Shine Thai

The combination of our energetic Shine Method and the physical

benefits of trigger point, myofascial, neuromuscular and manual

therapies is what make Shine Thai Bodywork an industry first! Thai bodywork incorporates assisted yogic stretching with manipulation of various pressure points along the body to stimulate internal energy and blood flow.

60 minutes...$90

90 minutes...$120

120 minutes...$220


Shine Swedish

A Shined-up version of a classic technique, this rhythmic therapy is both powerful and gentle. As well as being a tonic for the soul, it can help to improve the healthy functioning of the circulatory, lymphatic, muscular and nervous systems.

60 minutes...$75

90 minutes...$115


Shine Deep Tissue / Sports

This custom designed bodywork will warm, stretch, and relax muscles; improving range of motion and relieving aches and pains.

60 minutes...$85

90 minutes...$125



Based on ancient traditions, Reiki is a gentle technique that supports the body’s natural ability to heal itself, and benefits clients by reducing stress, calming anxiety, decreasing pain, strengthening the immune system, deepening spiritual connection, and creating a profound sense of wellbeing. The first session involves a consultation to learn about a client’s physical, mental and emotional state.

There is a cumulative benefit to receiving Reiki; regular sessions are helpful.

30 minutes...$50

60 minutes...$80

Series of 5 treatments...$200

60 minutes...$80



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