THE GROUND LOUNGE @ Shine Bodyworks

The Ground Lounge Menu:


Single Lounge

15 minutes...$15

30 minute...$30


Lounge Lizard Pass

10 visits, 30 minutes each...$250 ($300 with BioMat*)


Membership Lounger

6 month pass...$200 (Includes BioMat Enhancement*)


Ground Lounge Enhancements

BioMat...Add $5*

Earthing Patches...Add $5

Reflexology - 15 min...$25, 30 min...$40


*subject to schedule availability





Research indicates that Earthing the body affects physiological functioning in a variety of ways. Because of this, we strongly recommend that any individual taking medication to thin the blood, regulate blood sugar, control blood pressure, or to supplement thyroid activity should consult with their doctor before using Earthing products, and then monitor the medication. An adjustment in medication may be necessary.

Use our Ground Lounge to RECHARGE your batteries, JUMP START your energies, ACTIVATE your immune system, BOOST your metabolism, and DETOX naturally.


What is Grounding?


Simply put, grounding is the process of removing the excess charge on an object (you!) by transferring electrons of another object (the Earth!).


Why Ground?


Unfortunately, in our everyday lives we are exposed to countless toxins and stresses – breathing polluted air, eating unhealthy food, wearing synthetic fabric, using cell phones and computers, and many more. These toxins lead to a build-up of positively charged free radicals in the body. These free radicals attack healthy cells and cause both acute and chronic inflammation, which is at the root of many health conditions and accelerated aging.


When we are grounded, the Earth’s endless supply of negatively charged electrons help neutralize the build-up of these disease-causing free radicals in our bodies. Throughout evolutionary history, our internal electrical environment has been maintained by simple barefoot contact with the Earth - with over 8000 nerve beginnings on the soles of our feet, it seems it’s exactly what we were designed for.


While walking barefoot in the grass or sand at the beach is the best way to get connected with this supply of electrons, it’s not always possible in our daily lives. We believe so greatly in the benefits of grounding here at Shine that we incorporate it into everything we do, including the development of the world’s first Ground Lounge.


What’s in The Ground Lounge?


Our first-in-the-world, state-of-the-art Ground Lounge features:


Earthing Mats - these mats use patented technology and silver thread to provide a conductive, direct-to-Earth connection.


Zero Gravity Loungers – a concept developed by NASA, these loungers are designed to take the stress of gravity off your spine, relieving back pain. With your feet elevated to the same level as your heart, blood and lymph circulate away from your extremities, reducing swelling in your legs, ankles and feet - effectively preparing you for Shine Bodywork.


Sound Therapy/Healing Frequencies – sound and vibration play a fundamental role in your life by affecting physical, mental and spiritual levels of your human being. Regularly listening to these vibrational frequencies can reduce stress, boost your vital energy, soothe headaches, speed up healing and recovery, expand your consciousness and generally enhance the quality of your life.



The Ground Lounge – Experience Enhancements


BioMat – this amazing heated mats combines far-infrared rays, amethyst crystals and negative ion therapy. You experience a deep, penetrating heat energy that provides a heightened sense of relaxation, wellbeing and healing. Like a massage on the molecular level, you’ll benefit from better lymph and blood circulation, increased enzyme activity, decreased acidity and improved pH balance in your blood and easy detoxification.


Earthing patches – these hygienic, disposable adhesive electrodes allow pinpointed grounding to any part of the body. Ideal for targeting localized inflammation, injuries and wounds.


Reflexology – Reflexology is a holistic therapy suitable for all ages, and can bring relief from a wide range of acute and chronic conditions. Reflexology has been shown to be affective for: Hormonal imbalances, migraines and headaches, sleep disorders, digestive problems, menopause, circulatory problems, arthritis and much more.


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